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Nu behöver du våga sätta ner foten för dina värderingar

Nu behöver du våga sätta ner foten för dina värderingar

Katherine Zhou startade projektet <Design Ethically> som ett ramverk för etik i designprocessen, men det växte fort till en verktygslåda som hjälper designteam att förutse konsekvenserna av en produkt. Katherine har anlitats som talare vid en lång rad stora evenemang världen över och citerats i bland annat BBC, WIRED, Fast Company, Protocol och Tech Policy Press.

What is the most important thing for companies that want to succeed in the future?

To prioritize and value respect, compassion, and sustainability over growth. 

What is the biggest mistake they can/are making?

Pursuing short-term growth that ultimately creates addictive products, divisive platforms, and oppressive technologies.

How do you define trust – transparency – flexibility – credibility?

To me, trust is the belief one has in the responsibility, reliability, and diligence of another entity. Transparency is when matters that are relevant to someone’s autonomy, safety, and livelihood are rendered clear, and not hidden or obscured. Flexibility is offering a range of options that ensures that people have the ability to choose and adapt accordingly. Credibility is when one has earned legitimate trust. While it’s typically associated with particular, powerful institutions, there really ought to be a more expansive view of credibility that is centered around the lived truths of those who are typically excluded from said institutions.

What has taught you the most (in your career or life in general)?

Much like anyone else, I’ve learned the most from the mistakes along the way. I also have been lucky to have read the wisdom of thinkers such as Cedric Robinson, Ruha Benjamin, Grace Lee Boggs, Bell Hooks, and Donella Meadows.

What is your go-to for inspiration?

The library – so many books have been written by incredible authors who dared to reimagine new ways to consider and transform ourselves, our systems, and our world.

What first sentence will begin your lecture?

This is a surprise! (Read: I’m still planning out my speech.)

Katherines top five for securing the ethical part of the design process:

  1. Understand how power plays into decision-making, outcomes, and biases.

  2. Amplify and empower the vulnerable.

  3. Know your values.

  4. Be okay with speaking up for your values.

  5. Be okay with putting your foot down for your values.

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