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This is Webbdagarna

Welcome to Sweden’s leading event and venue for everything digital and business oriented. Webbdagarna is a part of IDG Sweden, it is an independent event with a unique editorial integrity that has made it a must-attend event for marketeers, entrepreneurs, communicators, e-commerce managers, social media managers and many other professionals within the digital arena.

As a participant you get an overview of the digital trends that are changing the business world right now – plus tools and tips on how you can benefit from the digital opportunities in your particular profession. The areas we cover include digital & content marketing, e-commerce, mobile, entrepreneurship, SEO, conversion rate optimization, social media, digital communication and web design.

As a speaker or sponsor you have the opportunity to reach thousands of digital oriented professionals in Sweden, representing all trades and all kinds of companies.

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Meet some of our previous speakers

Hundreds of prominent web profiles have spoken at Webbdagarna. Here’s a few of them:

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